Filling the GAPs

Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region


Alliance Magazine, Majid Society and SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory in the Arab Region

Alliance Magazine, Majid Society and SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory in the Arab Region in their effort to enhance the knowledge and practices of philanthropy and social investment, they have agreed to cooperate to translate to Arabic, few key articles from the Alliance September 2015 issue and make it available online for the community of philanthropy practitioners in the Arab region.

To read the translated articles, please click here.


تُساهم كل من مجلة آلييانس العالميّة ، و جَمعيّة ماجِد للتّنمية المُجتَمعية ومُؤسّسة سانِد لتنمية العطاء الإجتماعي في المنطقة العربية في تحسين المعرفة المُتعلّقة بالعطاء الإجتماعي وممارساته والإستثمار الإجتماعي، ولذا قرروا ترجمة بعض المقالات الرّئيسية التي وردت في عدد سبتمبر2015 من مجلة آلييانس العالميّة إلى اللغة العربية لتوفيرها الكترونياً على الإنترنت من أجل مجتمع ممارسي العطاء الإجتماعي في المنطقة العربيّة.

لقراءة هذه المقالات المُترجمة، ارجو زيارة الموقع التالي "انقر هنا".


The rich diversity of global philanthropy


by Atallah Kuttab (appeared in Alliance Magazine September 2015)


I have spent the last two years trying to define Arab philanthropy. Though it was relatively easy to look at the history and the tradition of giving and the reasons for its decline, it was not easy to describe the course its development has taken since the 1990s. The main trend has been to copy the Anglo-American discourse. This imposes limits, as local traditions were not taken into consideration in the new forms of philanthropy organization that were continue reading click here



Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches


Consultative Meeting  3-4 June
Berlin - Germany
by Atallah Kuttab - SAANED



Thanks to Robert Bosch Foundation for awarding me the Richard von Weizsaecker Fellowship that allowed me to work on considering Arab philanthropy in perspectives of developments around the globe. A meeting was held on 3-4 June at Robert Bosch Foundation premises in Berlin. The meeting with attendance spanning most regions of the world being inclusive of geographic and thematic representation, had representation from the Arab region (Mashrek, Gulf and Maghreb), Africa,  China, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, various European Countries and USA.


The Arab Facilitator Network (AFN)


The Arab World is in a process of radical change and transformation. The revolutions in the Arab world that started with demands for freedom from oppression, for human dignity and social justice have bred hope, but also incredible violence and distraction. The visions for the future of the region diverge radically, ranging from liberal democracy to Islamic theocracy. The original demand of the revolutions are hardly heard over the sound of explosions and bombing in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Tunisia is The Kalifat of the Islamic State is only the most extreme of versions that blend religious extremists with the cold calculus of power politics. While some visions are virtually exclusive and elude any compromise, others require intense negotiations and dialogue from all sides. Such processes need to be structured and facilitated on all levels of society to be successful. In facilitation the available know how in the Arab world is weak, largely absent of ethical standards and often part of the problem facilitation attempts to alleviate.


Insights from a meeting with Chinese foundations


On 25 March 2015, I attended a meeting in Beijing of the board of directors of WINGS and several Chinese public and private foundations (in China public foundations may solicit funds from the public, unlike private foundations which may not, and which require capital by its founders to fund its activities). The meeting, hosted by the China Foundation Centre and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, provided some fascinating insights into the way philanthropy is developing in China.


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