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Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region

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Atallah Kuttab, Chairman of SAANED, moderated a session on Global Perspectives on Fund Raising from the Arab Region at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) held in the Netherlands 17-19 October 2012. Over the last two decades, the Arab region has seen a steady increase in the number of philanthropic organizations and initiatives.

Together with this growth, there have been calls for philanthropy organizations especially foundations to focus on impact to ensure a positive and sustainable effect on the lives of people receiving support. Despite their significant resources, foundations routinely have needs that exceed their capacity given their ambitious and important agendas. Therefore, there is pressure on these foundations to fundraise and leverage more resources for their programs and initiatives.

The session presented a variety of experiences from the Arab region covering diversity at various levels: geographic (Gulf region, eastern Mediterranean, north Africa), types of foundations (community foundation, membership foundation, family foundation, corporate foundation), types of fundraising (social networking, traditional approaches like sponsorship of children or families, attracting high net worth individuals, etc.).

The panel included in person Rana Chakaki (UAE and Palestine), Essa Ali Mannai (Qatar), and  Rami Shishan (Jordan)  and within video clips Elie AbuAoun (Lebanon), Marwa Al-Daly (Egypt) and Clare Woodcraft (UAE).

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