Filling the GAPs

Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region

Perspectives on Arab & Global Philanthropy: Roles and Approaches


Consultative Meeting  3-4 June
Berlin - Germany
by Atallah Kuttab - SAANED



Thanks to Robert Bosch Foundation for awarding me the Richard von Weizsaecker Fellowship that allowed me to work on considering Arab philanthropy in perspectives of developments around the globe. A meeting was held on 3-4 June at Robert Bosch Foundation premises in Berlin. The meeting with attendance spanning most regions of the world being inclusive of geographic and thematic representation, had representation from the Arab region (Mashrek, Gulf and Maghreb), Africa,  China, Latin America, Russia, Turkey, various European Countries and USA.


My fellowship allowed me to visit various countries within Europe, Colombia, China and South Africa and learn during those visits how philanthropy is developing including emerging trends. As a result, a framework for philanthropy in the Arab region was developed in the context of what is happening around the globe. Most of the participants in the meeting, if not all, were consulted during the last ten months and their insight was most valuable to my work. This meeting is a culmination of these individual consultations that shaped its program. The objective of the meeting is to highlight the changing landscape of philanthropy around the world, with local discourses building on global best practices and evolving patterns of philanthropy, coupled with their own heritage of giving. Hopefully this will lead to better understanding of global philanthropy that aims at a more equitable world.

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