Filling the GAPs

Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region



Websites on Philanthropy
The Arab Foundations Forum (AFF) was established out of the need for a networking structure for foundations in the Arab region to strengthen the capacity and infrastructure of strategic philanthropy. It provides a platform for dialogue among various foundations in the region as well as the rest of the world. 
The Board of Innovation is an international office specialized in business model innovation, helping organizations innovate, and develop new Business Models. The company solves 3 key problems for their clients: finding new revenue stream by exploring business model patterns in different sectors; designing partnership models when launching new products or services; and inspiring people via keynotes and workshop sessions. 
Board Source is dedicated to advancing the public good by building exceptional nonprofit boards and inspiring board service. Board Source strives to support and promote excellent in board service, is the premier source of cutting-edge thinking and resources related to nonprofit boards, and engages and develops the next generation of board leaders.
The Center for Effective Philanthropy provides foundations and other philanthropic funders with comparative data to enable higher performance. CEP’s data and insight helps funders achieve the most positive outcomes on issues, fields, communities and people. 
The Council on Foundations is a national non-profit membership association, whose members’ collective assets exceed $300 billion. The Council provides its members with services and support to help them succeed. It emphasizes the value of philanthropy in the lives of people everywhere. 
GrantCraft is a valued resource for learning and sharing the craft of grantmaking. By publishing resources and facilitating the exchange of information among funders around the world, GrantCraft increases the collective knowledge of the field and improves the practice of philanthropy. Its signature approach has been to tap the ‘practical wisdom’ of a diverse group of experience practitioners. In doing so, GrantCraft has amassed a set of tools and techniques that are now available as guides, videos, cases, translations, a map of the craft, and more. 
Keystone helps organizations develop new ways of planning, measuring and reporting social change. Their methods include the voices of beneficiaries and other constituents at every stage. 
Mujutama3i’s mission is to build people power to lead change for justice, rights and freedom through community organizing. It shares knowledge about value-based community organizing, interdependent leadership, and running community campaigns. It also draws on case studies and experience to constantly develop the organizing framework and practices.
New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a consultancy and think tank dedicated to helping funders and charities to achieve a greater impact. They provide independent research, tools and advice for charities and funders, in the UK and internationally.
The Non-profit Risk Management Centre was established to provide assistance and resources for community-service non-profit organizations. As a non-profit, the Centre is uniquely positioned to both understand and respond to questions with practical, affordable suggestions for controlling risks that threaten a non-profit’s ability to accomplish its mission. 
Its mission is to help nonprofits cope with uncertainty, offering a wide range of services (from technical assistance to software to training and consulting help) on a vast array of risk management topics (from employment practices, to insurance purchasing to internal controls and preventing child abuse). 
Wise Philanthropy Advisors aims to accompany donors and their families in fulfilling their philanthropic aspirations, understanding their needs and aspirations, providing them with expert advice to guide them in choosing organizations that best meet their expectations and correspond to genuine needs.