Filling the GAPs

Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region

What is SAANED

SAANED for Development and Philanthropy Advisory in the Arab Region
SAANED is providing advice on regulations governing foundations and social enterprises, on the best way for donors to give, and on best practice and effective evaluation for the sector as a whole. The need for such services has become more pressing with the recent economic downturn, where more is expected from less money, and with the recent events in the region likely to lead to change (hopefully for the better) in the legal framework for foundations and giving in many Arab countries.
SAANED's interventions is based on impartial research assessing the work of foundations and social organizations; building skills required for high impact project planning and management; providing coaching/mentoring services to senior staff in foundations; and offering legal advice. It is also helping to create a body of knowledge and a set of tools to support charities and funders and to encourage debate about what makes an organization effective and how to measure impact.
SAANED sees its scope of engagement with the philanthropic sector as an open and dynamic space, responsive to the emerging demands and aspirations of the sector.
In the start-up phase, SAANED’s team is working incrementally and step-by-step on a demand-driven basis and in close consultation with foundation members and corporate philanthropy in the Arab region to develop the interventions and activities. The intent is to implement focused, modest projects from the outset in order to develop an advisory role in the philanthropic sector which is at once responsive to current demands and strategically forward-looking while at the same time building the staff and office needs of SAANED. All registration and set up costs to date have been covered by SAANED's founding partners to demonstrate their level of commitment to the idea.
SAANED has an advisory board and affiliates from key philanthropy-related fields with both global and Arab regional experience. It is also building partnerships with philanthropy advisers from other regions.

SAANED profit Institutional Overview- board formation and FAQs