Filling the GAPs

Philanthropy Support in the Arab Region

What is SAANED

SAANED for Sustainable Development in the Arab Region

SAANED is non profit company registered in Jordan and owned by SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory. It will provide the necessary knowledge for advice on regulations governing foundations and social enterprises, guide donors on the best way to give, and on guidance and tools for best practice and effective evaluation for the sector as a whole. The need for such services has become more pressing with the recent economic downturn, where more is expected from less money, and with the recent events in the region likely to lead to change (hopefully for the better) in the legal framework for foundations and giving in many Arab countries.
SAANED's interventions create a body of knowledge and a set of tools to support foundations, grantmakers, corporate/individual/family philanthropy and funders in their work and to encourage debate about what makes an organization effective and how to measure impact.
SAANED will have an advisory committee to guide its work from key philanthropy- related fields with both global and Arab regional experience. The advisory committee, which will be chaired by Atallah Kuttab includes:
* International: Barry Gaberman (US), Rien van Gendt (Netherland), Christopher Harris (US), Barry Knight (UK).
* Arab Region: Zeina Akr (Lebanon), Saed Karajah (Jordan), Dina Sharif (Egypt) – two others are considered, one from the Arab Gulf Countries and another from the Arab Maghreb countries.
* Founders: Ebba Augustin (Germany) and Atallah Kuttab (Palestine) 

SAANED nonprofit Institutional Overview- committee formation and FAQs